De Wifi, d'amour et d'eau fraîche.><-

Why do people raise their phones up in the air to get better network? Why do we ask for Wifi (WLAN) password as soon
as we arrive somewhere? This project is a criticism of our dependency and ignorance of Wifi. All the little absurd gestures
we do using new technologies could lead to a new type of religious ritual: the worship of Internet connection. In this fictional scenario,
I transposed in a physically tangible form the amount of Wifi waves around us. The heat produced by the ceramic relic works as an indicator and a medium to reveal the new precepts of this imaginary cult.

Final project of the Master of Media Design Course,
at HEAD Geneva, under the guidance of Camille Scherrer and with the help of Pierre Rossel.
Concept, Development and Design: Nanaui Amoros Silva.

This prototype was built with the Electric Imp module.
A big thanks to Clément Petibon who made the final ceramic object and to Dylan Perrenoud for directing the photo shoot.