Master Thesis Dissertation><-

For my master thesis dissertation I tried to answer this question:
Are text messages a new form of gift-giving? Answering shortly
after receiving a text message is essential today. The breach
of this non-spoken rule can weaken a relationship. Firstly, I based my research on Mauss for the anthropological understanding of gift-giving rituals, and on Goffman for the concept of losing face that rules over every human interaction. Then I conducted interviews with young mobile phone users on the subject.
One of the conclusions I drew from this field work
is the need of reciprocity in treatment between users.

This concept of tolerance is one of the factors when choosing a communication platform. I also suggested some improvement in the interaction and interface design of text messaging apps.

This dissertation was writen in the Master of Media Design Course, under the guindance of Nicola Nova
at HEAD Geneva.
Text and edition: Nanaui Amoros Silva.