Ladybug ><-

Ladybug is a collaborative game for two smartphones which
allows to experiment the pleasure of playing with a bug.
This prototype is inspired by the real gesture of passing
the ladybug from one hand to the other as long as possible.
The goal of the game is to prevent it from flying away
by guiding it from screen to screen.

Exhibitions: Grafik14 - Zurich, Gaming Jam Swissnex 2013 - Bangalore, Kyoorius Design Yatra 2013 - Goa, Mobilisable 2013 - Paris / Publications: TV5 Monde - numérique tendance

Project made in the Master of Media Design
Course at HEAD Geneva, 2013, under the direction
of Douglas Edric Stanley.
Design : Nanaui Amoros Silva and Marion Tamé.
Development : Nanaui Amoros Silva, Marion Tamé
with the help of Pierre Rossel.

This project was coded using the openFrameworks library.