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Blade Reader is an application for tablet that offers an extended reading experience of the Philip K. Dick's novel, «Do androids dream of eletric sheep? » of 1968, on which is based the movie «Blade Runner». The aim of the game is to get as far as possible
into the book, against the will of the machine to whom
we have to constantly prove our humanity.

Exhibitions: Mobilisable 2013, Labo de l'édition - Paris

Project made in the Master of Media Design Course
at HEAD Geneva, 2013, under the guidance of Anette Lenz and Étienne Mineur, during a workshop
on digital edition with students of the Visual Communication Bachelor.
Concept : Nanaui Amoros Silva, Marion Tamé,
Simon Hacquard and Sylvain Joly.
Design : Nanaui Amoros Silva and Marion Tamé.